Information Technology


Ascend Consulting offers solutions that are tailored for each organization because no two organization are the same. Each organization is assessed individually to identify appropriate interventions. The working experience that we bring from various industries will also aid in identifying appropriate solutions.

Our consultants have depth and breadth of skills that you can use on-demand to augment or extend your staff for critical projects that impact your business. Our team’s experience and delivery methodologies ensure your project is on time and within budget, so you realize the benefits of your technology implementation quickly.

We harness a variety of competencies across a varied spectrum for the benefit of our clients.

We offer highly competitive rates to all our clients due our proven system of limited overhead costs and low margins. Try us TODAY. We pride ourselves with lasting relationships developed with our clients. We believe firmly that knowledge of the core business of our clients is key to making a meaningful contribution to any project environments irrespective of the nature of the engagement.

Our Pillars of Expertise


Service Overview

Our pool of highly-skilled professionals spans the following core areas of expertise:

  • Project management;
  • Project execution;
  • Strategy formulation;
  • Organisational design;
  • Process engineering;
  • Process optimisation; and
  • Systems development;

Other Competencies

  • IT Support
  • Training & Development

Our core competencies are further augmented with the following services:

  • IT Support Services (Systems support, maintenance and enhancements);
  • Training development and training execution


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